Multiple Health Benefits of Miraculous Plant: Ashitaba

Take Ashitaba Greens to "Feel More Energized Without the Caffeine Jitters of Coffee"

A secret has been uncovered.

It is a treasure, the "King of Vegetables."

It is also known as the tomorrow plant and "Longevity Herb."

It is popularly called "ashitaba," "Angelica kinesis" as its scientific name, and many others. Ashitaba greens are mostly famous in Japan, China, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and the US.

Though medically not prescribed by doctors (as well as most herbal medicine), ashitaba has absolutely great healing powers. NO sick person, particularly those with multiple illnesses, should not take it. 

Let me correct that. NO person should not ever be without organic ashitaba.

Yes! Even folks in good state are recommended to eat or drink ashitaba. If you take in the tomorrow leaves, you will have a better tomorrow—your body will gain more energy and stamina.

What are the Health Benefits of Ashitaba?

No matter what angle you look at, ashitaba health benefits and the goodness of tomorrow leaves are immense. Because so many people are patronizing it, ashitaba is regarded as a "wonder drug." Ashitaba green plants consist of 13 types of minerals, 11 types of vitamins, coumarins, fibers, proteins, saponins, etc.

There are many health benefits associated with ashitaba. You can view each one in the articles of this blog. Here are some to give you an overview:

You will look younger. Ashitaba keeps degenerative diseases from occurring. Your kidneys, liver, sensation of the overall body will be functioning better, too! Ashitaba has the power to rejuvenate your body's cell properties. It also has growth hormones booster. Within weeks of drinking ashitaba tea, you will feel a noticeable difference in the glow of your skin straight away. This can be a good alternative to gluta-thione supplements which has the effect of detoxifying  and purifying your liver and at the same time whitening your skin complexion somehow as it goes through your bloodstream.

You can fight against diabetes. If you are nearing the line to having high blood sugar, regularly taking ashitaba can make you normal again. Ashitaba contains rich potassium and manganese that ease diabetes.

How Does Ashitaba Taste Like?

As for its taste...BITTER is one word to describe it. Another one is nutty. It tastes wonderful, nutritious and healthy. 

However, don't expect that it's the same bitterness as the green tea leaves. And don't think that you cannot tolerate the taste because bitterness is good to stimulate digestion and increase the flow of bile. In this way, ashitaba is a tonic to speed up the elimination of waste from your body!

You can have ashitaba tea as evening beverage or as a drink anytime of the day. It does not carry caffeine so you can have a good night sleep. 

How to Get Ashitaba? Where to Get Quality Ashitaba?

You can find several variations of ashitaba: tea powder, tea bag, supplement, tablets, etc. You can buy them through the Amazon store below or buy ashitaba capsules thru this link. One good thing to do also is to combine ashitaba with colostrum powder, green barley powder and spirulina. I know they can be expensive and taste bad, but they are guaranteed to be very good in terms of health benefits!

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