How Ashitaba (otherwise known as the "Tomorrow Plant") Cures Gout

It was year 2009 when my mom started experimenting with ashitaba, propagating its intake to our relatives and friends and constantly talking about her “new” discovery. My mom had started to grow ashitaba plant in our small garden in that year and has been taking a few leaves regularly for wellness. Many people are questioning “are health benefits of ashitaba for real?” Now we know the answer: yes.

True Story

One of my mother’s friend’s friend has introduced ashitaba to our family. They found out that ashitaba belongs to the one percent of plants around the world that are classified as medicinal. Because it had a history as an effective cure for gout, she advised my uncle to take ashitaba leaves to cure his gout pains.

This uncle of mine (brother of my mom) has been suffering from gout flare-ups since he was in high school. High uric acid levels runs in the family, and he’s just the only one who have been passed down to among the brood of eight.

The prime of his continuous gout attacks happened some time last year when he could not even drive himself to work for several weeks. His feet were swollen. Even walking felt like a chore, and he thought he was cursed by some evil spirits.

Before his knowledge on ashitaba, to live a seemingly functional life, he took maintenance medicine following the family physician and endured the pain. He researched on the Internet for alternative herbal medicine as he was afraid that Western medicine will only give him side effects later on. He found so many organic supplements to aid in improving his condition that he did not know which to choose. One day he learned about ashitaba and asked my mom about it.

He bought an ashitaba plant and also started growing it in their balcony under a shade (with no direct exposure from the sun). Every day, he takes fresh dry ashitaba leaves before meals. He also changed into a good lifestyle with a more balanced diet. Maybe his becoming to a vegetarian also helped ease down the gout attacks.

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How Ashitaba Stops Gout

First you need to understand that gout is a form of arthritis that is caused by a buildup of uric acid in the body. If you are a sufferer of gout attacks, this means that you have difficulty in eliminating uric acid so they build up in your joints, ligaments and tendons. They can be very painful and unfortunately, the pain takes quite a while to subside.

My uncle has been noted of the different pharmaceutical drugs that are available for treating gout. However, he is afraid to take them frequently because even doctors say that they can be very hard on the kidneys and are not for really designed and suited for long-term use. So people take alternative medicine (herbal medicine) as a resolve. Ashitaba is one of the most effective treatments to stop gout.

Ashitaba contains enzymes that help break food particles down. It also has anti-inflammatory agents.  The chalcone, which is the yellowish sap found inside the stem and roots of the ashitaba plant, is responsible for inhibiting the inflammatory process.

So when you have decreased uric acid, you will have lesser gout attacks! If you continue this to fit in your lifestyle, chances are, you will eradicate gout forevermore.

Ashitaba Plant Medicine

Here's a short clip showing the ashitaba plant. Credits go to Lucas Tetrick. Happy watching!