How Ashitaba Improves Liver Functions

In laymen’s explanation, your liver acts as a chemical processing factory that converts most of the food you eat into substances your body can use. The liver is the largest organ in the body; it performs over 500 bodily functions. One of the most popular functions is that it gets rid of the things that are useless to the body and those toxic elements that are harmfully affecting the other organs.

With this said, you should take proper care of your liver. Unlike the kidneys which you can take out one and still live, you only have ONE liver in this lifetime. When it malfunctions, you're doomed. While there are other ways to strengthen your liver, taking ashitaba will provide a push in making it function better.

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Understanding How Your Liver Works

You run fast, react quickly and work hard because your body stores and uses energy. How this happens is that glucose or sugar is stored in the liver as glycogen. If your liver has a problem, the glucose levels will go awry and they will be somewhat in haywire. The result is that carbohydrates will not be burned as energy and proteins will not be ingested and broken down into amino acids as they should. You will have no fuel refill to gear up and do even simple actions.

Your liver is responsible to clean your blood as well. It removes the toxins out and transforms chemicals brought by food into something usable by the body.

Now, Ashitaba Enters the Picture…

Ashitaba is rich in vitamins and minerals like A, D, K and B12. It helps in the generation of bile, which is the thick yellow-green digestive juice that helps the body absorb fat from the gut into the bloodstream. Without this substance, your body will have a hard time digesting fats. Bile is stored in the gall bladder and is only released when the body needs it to digest fats.

Another thing is that ashitaba helps your liver to produce just the right cholesterol your body needs for normal growth. It controls the cholesterol level so that fats will not be stuck in your arteries.

How to Take Ashitaba For Best Results

Ashitaba is a green whole food. To maintain good liver, take the suggested dosage of ashitaba--one teaspoon of ashitaba powder both after breakfast and dinner with some fruit juice and a glass of water. However to be sure, consult your physician whether it's safe or not to mix it with their prescribed medicines.

You can also have it as tea. As it does not provide any bad side effects, as an herbal remedy, ashitaba tea can be taken with as many cups as you would drink any other tea. But also keep in mind that you need to have a healthy diet and lifestyle, drink lots of water for good circulation and maintain fitness by regular exercise.

Know the difference between ashitaba and gynura procumbens (fake ashitaba):