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With a Pocket Full of Health Benefits, Ashitaba Enhances Cell Reproduction and Cell Revival

When something is strange in a good way—something that strikes to capture your attention, you tend to become curious and follow it. You want to know how it is done and what it is capable of. One instance is with the people of Hachijo Island in Japan, where most if not all of their population reach the old age of 90 and older.

How can they have such longevity? Groups of researchers have gone to their place, interviewed them and came up with an analysis: people in their island are consuming great amounts of ashitaba (tomorrow leaves) to sustain their well-being. Taking ashitaba contributed to their extended lifetime, and if you want to know how to accomplish just that, read the rest of this article.

Record of Ashitaba’s Medicinal Value

Ashitaba belongs to the species of the Angelica family which is found about two thousand years back in China’s history. In conjunction to China’s studies, Japan has also learned about this medicinal herb and concluded that the ashitaba strain is superior among all herbs of the same clan.

The oldest written record of the medicinal value of ashitaba appears in a Chinese book listing the medicines that are derived from grass. The book was first published during the Ming Dynasty and was written by Dr. Lee during his lifetime from 1518 to 1593 AD. This book was then transcribed into Latin, English, German, Russian and became internationally famous as a publication on Oriental Medicine. The book was later brought to Japan in 1606 and presented to the Shogun by a Razan Hayashi.

Ashitaba is Rich in Antioxidants

Have you ever thought that antioxidants and longevity are connected? If not, then you now know. Antioxidants prevent aging and increase your lifespan. As you age, your cell division and replacement of dead or damaged cells slows down. Antioxidants can speed up the cell division and cell replacement processes, which can help to slow the overall effects of aging and prevent specific age-related diseases.

Ashitaba provides you with the amount of antioxidants your body needs. This is even without bothering to take the top 10 food which contain the greatest antioxidants (i.e. dried small red beans, pinto beans, red kidney beans, wild and cultivated blueberries, cranberries, cooked artichokes, blackberries, prunes and raspberries).

Consuming ashitaba whether in pure and natural leaf form, tea form, powdered form, tablet or capsule form will protect your cells from free radical damage. This free radical damage is what accelerates the aging process and what makes infliction with many degenerative diseases including cancer more probable.

Ashitaba will also relax your blood vessels and decrease the oxidation of unhealthy cholesterol, therefore increasing your life span. If you keep at this lifestyle with ashitaba almost present with every meal, you will also reduce your risk of having threatening diseases, immune dysfunction, brain disorders, heart attack and strokes. Your body’s cell can rejuvenate faster and reproduce; at the same time, you will be immune to flu, viruses and infections.

Ashitaba Prevents DNA Degeneration

Your body automatically rebuilds itself day by day and in every moment of your life. Cells die and new cells take in their place if your body works according to proper functions.

However, the bad news is that in almost every instance as well, your DNA is being attacked with many factors. It also becomes damaged constantly and this leads to more or less serious results.

When your DNA (the cell reproduction and revival machine) does not work as it should, your body will age, cells will not be replaced with new ones, your body gets contaminated with harmful constituents and you may have the deadly sickness: cancer.

If you take in food with lots of antioxidants, this will be reversed. Ashitaba is like a magic pill and solution that ensures correct cell reproduction and protection of your DNA.

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