How Ashitaba (otherwise known as the "Tomorrow Plant") Cures Gout

It was year 2009 when my mom started experimenting with ashitaba, propagating its intake to our relatives and friends and constantly talking about her “new” discovery. My mom had started to grow ashitaba plant in our small garden in that year and has been taking a few leaves regularly for wellness. Many people are questioning “are health benefits of ashitaba for real?” Now we know the answer: yes.

True Story

One of my mother’s friend’s friend has introduced ashitaba to our family. They found out that ashitaba belongs to the one percent of plants around the world that are classified as medicinal. Because it had a history as an effective cure for gout, she advised my uncle to take ashitaba leaves to cure his gout pains.

This uncle of mine (brother of my mom) has been suffering from gout flare-ups since he was in high school. High uric acid levels runs in the family, and he’s just the only one who have been passed down to among the brood of eight.

The prime of his continuous gout attacks happened some time last year when he could not even drive himself to work for several weeks. His feet were swollen. Even walking felt like a chore, and he thought he was cursed by some evil spirits.

Before his knowledge on ashitaba, to live a seemingly functional life, he took maintenance medicine following the family physician and endured the pain. He researched on the Internet for alternative herbal medicine as he was afraid that Western medicine will only give him side effects later on. He found so many organic supplements to aid in improving his condition that he did not know which to choose. One day he learned about ashitaba and asked my mom about it.

He bought an ashitaba plant and also started growing it in their balcony under a shade (with no direct exposure from the sun). Every day, he takes fresh dry ashitaba leaves before meals. He also changed into a good lifestyle with a more balanced diet. Maybe his becoming to a vegetarian also helped ease down the gout attacks.

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How Ashitaba Stops Gout

First you need to understand that gout is a form of arthritis that is caused by a buildup of uric acid in the body. If you are a sufferer of gout attacks, this means that you have difficulty in eliminating uric acid so they build up in your joints, ligaments and tendons. They can be very painful and unfortunately, the pain takes quite a while to subside.

My uncle has been noted of the different pharmaceutical drugs that are available for treating gout. However, he is afraid to take them frequently because even doctors say that they can be very hard on the kidneys and are not for really designed and suited for long-term use. So people take alternative medicine (herbal medicine) as a resolve. Ashitaba is one of the most effective treatments to stop gout.

Ashitaba contains enzymes that help break food particles down. It also has anti-inflammatory agents.  The chalcone, which is the yellowish sap found inside the stem and roots of the ashitaba plant, is responsible for inhibiting the inflammatory process.

So when you have decreased uric acid, you will have lesser gout attacks! If you continue this to fit in your lifestyle, chances are, you will eradicate gout forevermore.

Ashitaba Plant Medicine

Here's a short clip showing the ashitaba plant. Credits go to Lucas Tetrick. Happy watching!

With a Pocket Full of Health Benefits, Ashitaba Enhances Cell Reproduction and Cell Revival

When something is strange in a good way—something that strikes to capture your attention, you tend to become curious and follow it. You want to know how it is done and what it is capable of. One instance is with the people of Hachijo Island in Japan, where most if not all of their population reach the old age of 90 and older.

How can they have such longevity? Groups of researchers have gone to their place, interviewed them and came up with an analysis: people in their island are consuming great amounts of ashitaba (tomorrow leaves) to sustain their well-being. Taking ashitaba contributed to their extended lifetime, and if you want to know how to accomplish just that, read the rest of this article.

Record of Ashitaba’s Medicinal Value

Ashitaba belongs to the species of the Angelica family which is found about two thousand years back in China’s history. In conjunction to China’s studies, Japan has also learned about this medicinal herb and concluded that the ashitaba strain is superior among all herbs of the same clan.

The oldest written record of the medicinal value of ashitaba appears in a Chinese book listing the medicines that are derived from grass. The book was first published during the Ming Dynasty and was written by Dr. Lee during his lifetime from 1518 to 1593 AD. This book was then transcribed into Latin, English, German, Russian and became internationally famous as a publication on Oriental Medicine. The book was later brought to Japan in 1606 and presented to the Shogun by a Razan Hayashi.

Ashitaba is Rich in Antioxidants

Have you ever thought that antioxidants and longevity are connected? If not, then you now know. Antioxidants prevent aging and increase your lifespan. As you age, your cell division and replacement of dead or damaged cells slows down. Antioxidants can speed up the cell division and cell replacement processes, which can help to slow the overall effects of aging and prevent specific age-related diseases.

Ashitaba provides you with the amount of antioxidants your body needs. This is even without bothering to take the top 10 food which contain the greatest antioxidants (i.e. dried small red beans, pinto beans, red kidney beans, wild and cultivated blueberries, cranberries, cooked artichokes, blackberries, prunes and raspberries).

Consuming ashitaba whether in pure and natural leaf form, tea form, powdered form, tablet or capsule form will protect your cells from free radical damage. This free radical damage is what accelerates the aging process and what makes infliction with many degenerative diseases including cancer more probable.

Ashitaba will also relax your blood vessels and decrease the oxidation of unhealthy cholesterol, therefore increasing your life span. If you keep at this lifestyle with ashitaba almost present with every meal, you will also reduce your risk of having threatening diseases, immune dysfunction, brain disorders, heart attack and strokes. Your body’s cell can rejuvenate faster and reproduce; at the same time, you will be immune to flu, viruses and infections.

Ashitaba Prevents DNA Degeneration

Your body automatically rebuilds itself day by day and in every moment of your life. Cells die and new cells take in their place if your body works according to proper functions.

However, the bad news is that in almost every instance as well, your DNA is being attacked with many factors. It also becomes damaged constantly and this leads to more or less serious results.

When your DNA (the cell reproduction and revival machine) does not work as it should, your body will age, cells will not be replaced with new ones, your body gets contaminated with harmful constituents and you may have the deadly sickness: cancer.

If you take in food with lots of antioxidants, this will be reversed. Ashitaba is like a magic pill and solution that ensures correct cell reproduction and protection of your DNA.

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How Ashibata Benefits Your Health Thru Promoting Your Metabolism

Ashitaba, which is now also known as “tomorrow leaf,” contains a special kind of yellow sap called chalcones. It is chalcones that make ashitaba an effective potent as a diuretic, laxative, and aid to good metabolism.

Over the past years, studies have denoted that exposure to toxins in our food (especially fast food and unhealthy snacks) and environment is the principal cause of degenerative diseases including cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, emphysema, allergy, etc.

These diseases are occurring in epidemic proportions which modern medicine has become powerless to stop. In this article, you will know how ashitaba helps to remove toxic waste from your body thereby improving metabolism.

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Detoxification Powered by Ashitaba

If you're not drinking ashitaba yet, you're not alone. Ashitaba is not yet a popular drink because only a few people know about this currently. But pretty soon, I’m sure that it will take on the popularity it well deserves. Before so, you have to be one of those people who have strong belief on the health benefits that ashitaba brings. If you want to improve your metabolism, you can try ashitaba as it work as an effective diuretic to remove toxic waste from the body and enhance smooth bowel movements.

Fundamentally, a cup of ashitaba drink (can be made from the extracts of the original leaves) has as many antioxidants as 10 cups of regular tea! Regular consumption of the ashitaba drink will increase the body’s rate of burning calories from 8-10 percent to 35-43 percent.

When you mix this with exercise, you will immediately result to having burned 25% more fat. Also, because ashitaba contains high levels of chlorophyll, it detoxifies the body. It has the ability to clear the body of toxins, heavy metals, poisons, dioxins and hormone disrupters.

The green leaves of ashitaba contain high dosages of easily absorbable dietary fiber. The benefits of dietary fiber include its ability to ease constipation and stabilize blood sugar levels. So whenever you have the liking or inclination to drink coffee or soft drinks, try to drink a cup of ashitaba instead. It is a healthy drink that can even help you shed excess pounds.

How Ashitaba Helps You Lose Weight with Faster Metabolism

When your body system reacts and works with a fast metabolism, you don’t need to exercise as much and be exposed to hazardous and strenuous activities with the intention of losing weight. This is because calories are burned faster and easier.

Unlike some slimming teas, consuming ashitaba does not give you side effect such as excessive urination, diarrhea and stomach cramps. Try drinking ashitaba every day for breakfast to help you prepared in improving metabolism upon the start of your day.
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Health Benefit of Ashitaba ~ How Tomorrow Leaves Prevent Hair Problems

In grocery stores and hair solutions centers, I often see those shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment to help solve thinning of hair. Question, are they really effective? Main causes of hair loss are genetics, extreme illness (e.g. thyroid glands not working properly or effect of chemotherapy), stress, starvation, fungal infection and scalp damages (e.g. caused by bleaching, perming, etc.) which have not been taken care of for long.

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These lead to excessive hair fall, reclining of the hair line, thinning of hair and ultimately bald spots and full baldness. In this article, you will learn how ashitaba leaves or "tomorrow leaves" help to prevent hair problems.

What accounts for hair loss and hair growth?

It’s perfectly normal if you are losing like 50 to 100 hair strands a day. My mom always scolds me whenever she sees hair on the floor. I even have blogged about it and you may read the post here. Point is that you will inevitably see your hair around you—in your brush or comb, in the shower or bathroom floor, and on your clothes. This is because our cells die and grow every day. So to provide new room for the new hair strands to grow, the older hair strands fall out.

However, for some people, only a few strands of hair replace the old one. Hair for them does not start growing as fast, and this accounts to the thinning of hair. Worse is when fewer hairs grow all over the scalp and they lose hair in spots that will be called and seen as “bald spots.”

If you already have bald spots (either at the top of your head or below near the back of the neck), then it may not be easy to treat and grow your hair on that spot all over again. But if you see that you’re just starting to have bald spots (hair gets thinner at certain areas), you still stand a chance!

What Ashitaba Can Do For Your Hair

Ashitaba or tomorrows leaf somehow is magical because the plant produces at least a leaf every day. When you take one out today, you will see another one blossomed and ready for harvest the next day. Can you relate the same pattern to your scalp?

Sure, you can!

Ashitaba has fast regeneration properties and its sap can be used as a tonic for thinning hair.

Ashitaba moisturizes and lubricates your scalp, promoting natural hair growth that result to shiny, fuller and stronger hair. You can try it as a green drink for it has no caffeine and low amount of calories. When you drink one cup of ashitaba per day which is about 1.5 grams, your scalp will be healthier thereby enhancing hair reborn. When you already are seeing symptoms of thinning hair and other hair problems, you should take about two to three cups daily to help remedy your problem at once.

There can be so many products in the market advocating for the same thing. But with ashitaba, we have already seen the effects in our old (elderly) friends who have tried taking this healthy drink. And the effects are simply amazing!
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Ashitaba Health Benefit ~ How Tomorrow Leaves Relieve Your Menopause and PMS Symptoms

Practitioners of Chinese traditional medicine have studied the therapeutic effects and benefits of ashitaba many years ago. There are several other advantages of taking ashitaba (tomorrow leaves). Among these is that ashitaba helps to treat pre-menstrual symptoms and menopausal problems.

Ashitaba Plant for Women

If you are a woman who is encountering irregular patterns of your monthly menstrual cycle, let me elucidate the goodness of ashitaba for you. Another case is that when you suddenly stopped menstruating after a long period of time. Such incident happened to me last year when I only had three occurrences of menstruating months spread through the entire year. If I remember correctly, those were March, August and the next February.

On one hand, I thought I was lucky because I can save money to buy napkin (or tampon, for some women’s case). I also could swim every weekend without being concerned about getting the pool infested with blood. Besides these, I can move and walk fast without any hassles. On the other hand, I felt worried because I am aware that there will be consequences later on. I may have cyst in the uterus, problems in forming a fetus when I want to become a mother myself and others.

I once consulted a doctor and she told me reasons for not menstruating are that because I was too stressed with work, I was involving myself with too many strenuous exercises to keep my figure fit and I was not completely having a balanced diet.

I am a vegetarian and I might have not had enough dietary supplements to fulfill the missing elements my body needs. That was when I was living in Singapore. When I came back to the Philippines last March, I had like two months of vacation before entering the competitive work environment again. Therefore I had time to rest.

As stress levels were reduced at max, my diet also was enhanced because my Mom started giving me vitamins and advised me to take ashitaba in powder form as well. In the succeeding months until now, I have not encountered anymore problems related to PMS and the irregularity of my menstrual cycle. I am so happy that I am back to normal! Moving on, I will explain how ashitaba can be of help to you in the following section.

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Ashitaba Treats Menstrual Problems

Ashitaba is great at removing the stagnation of blood in the uterus, which in operation helps to increase blood flow, activates the “qi” and solves many menstrual difficulties. Also, ashitaba has a warming effect on the uterus, which assists in relieving menstrual pains.

Maybe it works the same as the rice wine or any other type of wine which my mom always asks me to drink whenever I have my period. I am also not allowed to drink any cold or cooling drinks as these will hinder the effect of ashitaba and/or the wine. I also noticed that menstrual cramps and pains are gone.

Taking ashitaba made me this comfortable!

Further, ashitaba practically treats gynecological conditions that are generally not easily treated with conventional therapies. It can provide options beyond hormone replacement therapy and hysterectomies. So if you are a woman in your middle forties to early fifties, you are recommended to take ashitaba to keep your hormones balanced and maintain good menstruation just before your system turns to the menopausal stage. The good thing is that it does not have any stimulating effect so you can take it really frequently regardless of age. 
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How Ashibata Improves Your Memory

You know that blogging is my outlet not only to release stress but also to release memories that cannot stay too long with my brain. I think that if I’d let my brain cells hold on to too many memories, one day they might explode and I can’t remember a thing anymore.

My problem is with remembering facts, dates of events (including small and detailed happenings), names of new people I meet and certain notes I choose to forget that are nonetheless still important and should be kept intact to my memory. I’d like to think that our brain’s memory functions like that of the computer’s. We can enter information and let it stay there but we also have to put out information once it is nearly full.

However, in reality, the human’s brain is not like that. We can actually store loads and loads of facts, senses, feelings and memories from our day-to-day lives in there only if we can improve our memory to the maximum ability our brain can put forth. One way to do this is to exercise our memory with the use of these techniques: visualization, chaining, linking and acrostics.

When I was a student, I used different types of mnemonics to help me remember answers to my exams. I am strong in picturing things and relating them to my studies. Often I write them all on paper, to see how far I have memorized and understood things I read from the book or heard from the lecturer’s discussion.

Mind you, I also compose rhythms of songs and sing sentences together—including complicated ones with technical jargons. I have tried different stuff that helped me remember. But I think all these will not happen successfully also when I don’t take ashitaba.

Truth be told, I set myself as an experiment on the effects of ashitaba on improving memory. There was a period when I do my “remembering tactics” without taking ashitaba and another time when I keep doing the same memory techniques while taking ashitaba every day. The result is that I tend to remember things more cohesively and meritoriously when I take this superfood.

Then I made my research on ashitaba’s relationship with the nerve growth factor, a protein essential in the development and survival of certain neurons in both the central and peripheral nervous systems, found in the brain. Discovery by the scientists at the Biomedical Group of TAKARA Shuzo Co Ltd stated that the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) is enhanced by several compounds contained in ashitaba. They found that NGF contains a protein that is effective in preventing and treating Alzheimer-type dementia and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. And ashitaba is a catalyst as it serves to enhance the passage of blood to the brain and increase the concentration of the NGF.

Chalcones inside ashitaba have also been uncovered to stimulate the production of Nerve Growth Factor which is synthesized in minute amounts in the body. Chalcones are essential in the development and survival of certain neurons (nerve cells) in the peripheral and central nervous system. Evidence was created when a group of scientists from the Biomedical Group in Takara, Japan officiated an animal study. Result was that there was a 20 percent increase in nerve growth factor concentration in animals taking ashitaba for just four days.

So let your body cleanse, nourish and heal itself with ashitaba and improve your brain’s memory functions at one go.

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How Ashitaba Beautifies Your Skin and Complexion

Ashitaba whose official name is Angelica Keiskei Koidzmi was discovered in Hachijo Island in Japan. This island is near the Pacific Ocean about 290km south of Tokyo. Through the years of research about ashitaba, it has been found that that this herb can produce godly effects. One of its benefits is that it slows down the aging process. Thus the plant has been named as Angelica (Latin for “angel”) belonging to the same genus as Angelica Sinensis.

How to Solve Skin Complaints with Ashitaba

You can massage tired body parts like the shoulders and the back of your neck with ashitaba for it also acts as an anti-inflammatory pain reliever. Inside the stems and the roots of ashitaba, you will find a sticky yellow juice gushing out. This juice readily flows topically to treat a host of skin conditions. The plant’s juice can be applied to cysts, boils and pustules to speed healing.

If you are tired and have body pains, you can apply this juice like an ordinary lotion. Ashitaba extracts are non-greasy. When penetrated deeply into your skin, muscle strains will be soothed as well as nerve pains. They are rich in vitamins and minerals with medicinal qualities and can also be used as a skin tonic and to heal wounds and to control the skin’s natural aging effects.

Ashitaba as a Skin Tonic to Heal Wounds

Ashitaba contains potent anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Its organic herbal extracts have been used in Asia for thousands of years as a skin tonic. What’s more, the same leaves are used for healing wounds as they can speed up the healing process of infections from insect bites. More aptly, ashitaba is used as a good insect repellent. It also protects the skin from sun damage, planters' warts and athletes' foot.

Ashitaba’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties can calm patches of red and skin irritation. The good news is that because it is very natural, ashitaba works great for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Furthermore, Ashitaba is counted as a good cleanser that is high in antioxidant flavonoids content. These flavonoids are also called chalcones which reduce the the cell damage caused by free radicals and increase overall blood circulation. You know when blood circulates well in your system, acne, scrapes, cuts and other bites can be healed faster.

Ashitaba to Control Skin Aging

The green leaves of ashitaba can be applied directly to the skin to exfoliate the dead skin cells that cause a dull complexion and clogged pores. When you apply ashitaba every day, the juice from the leaves will leave your skin feeling soft and silky. What results is a wrinkle-free skin that is smooth, supple and nourished. And as mentioned, because it guards the skin against the UV rays from the sun and in addition protects the organs from destructive free radicals, skin can regenerate well hence the process of skin aging is slowed down.

When you prefer taking in ashitaba, you can also do so. Before meals, drink the ashitaba juice of the leaves extracts followed by a glass of water. At its finest, 100 grams of the ashitaba stem and leaf will help you receive healthy amounts of: potassium (540 mg), calcium (65 mg), magnesium (26 mg), sodium (60 mg), iron (1 mg), zinc (0,6 mg), manganese (1.05 mg), vitamin A or beta-carotene (5300 µg), retinol (440 µ), vitamin B1 (0.1 mg), vitamin B2 (0.24 mg), vitamin B6 (0.16 mg), vitamin C (41 mg), vitamin E (4.3 mg), folic acid (100 µg) and vitamin K (500 µg).

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How Ashitaba Improves Liver Functions

In laymen’s explanation, your liver acts as a chemical processing factory that converts most of the food you eat into substances your body can use. The liver is the largest organ in the body; it performs over 500 bodily functions. One of the most popular functions is that it gets rid of the things that are useless to the body and those toxic elements that are harmfully affecting the other organs.

With this said, you should take proper care of your liver. Unlike the kidneys which you can take out one and still live, you only have ONE liver in this lifetime. When it malfunctions, you're doomed. While there are other ways to strengthen your liver, taking ashitaba will provide a push in making it function better.

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Understanding How Your Liver Works

You run fast, react quickly and work hard because your body stores and uses energy. How this happens is that glucose or sugar is stored in the liver as glycogen. If your liver has a problem, the glucose levels will go awry and they will be somewhat in haywire. The result is that carbohydrates will not be burned as energy and proteins will not be ingested and broken down into amino acids as they should. You will have no fuel refill to gear up and do even simple actions.

Your liver is responsible to clean your blood as well. It removes the toxins out and transforms chemicals brought by food into something usable by the body.

Now, Ashitaba Enters the Picture…

Ashitaba is rich in vitamins and minerals like A, D, K and B12. It helps in the generation of bile, which is the thick yellow-green digestive juice that helps the body absorb fat from the gut into the bloodstream. Without this substance, your body will have a hard time digesting fats. Bile is stored in the gall bladder and is only released when the body needs it to digest fats.

Another thing is that ashitaba helps your liver to produce just the right cholesterol your body needs for normal growth. It controls the cholesterol level so that fats will not be stuck in your arteries.

How to Take Ashitaba For Best Results

Ashitaba is a green whole food. To maintain good liver, take the suggested dosage of ashitaba--one teaspoon of ashitaba powder both after breakfast and dinner with some fruit juice and a glass of water. However to be sure, consult your physician whether it's safe or not to mix it with their prescribed medicines.

You can also have it as tea. As it does not provide any bad side effects, as an herbal remedy, ashitaba tea can be taken with as many cups as you would drink any other tea. But also keep in mind that you need to have a healthy diet and lifestyle, drink lots of water for good circulation and maintain fitness by regular exercise.

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